Why I Want to Learn How to Build Web Apps

I’ve been fascinated about building things on the web since the late 90’s. Remember Geocities? Yeah, I had a site there. I remember learning HTML for a back in middle school (late 90’s, early 2000’s) to build a webpage (no sites yet!) with animated construction gifs and guestbooks. I learned a bit of Java and Ti-83 BASIC in high school and some Python in college, but never got very into it because I had little interest writing really basic programs that weren’t useful.

I’ve watched the web develop, continued learning about HTML, and later CSS, and how to navigate my way around a WordPress installation. It seems like now with libraries like jQuery and symfony and web frameworks like Django, symfony (thanks smentek!) and Ruby on Rails, it is easier for people to build useful web apps without years of experience as a developer and/or thousands of hours of coding.

I do hope someday to found a web/tech startup and while I’ll never serve as CTO, I know understanding more about web development will be critical to our success. I also have a few ideas for web apps that I’d like to build. And to be honest? I’d love to gain some street cred as a geek. Hey – just being honest.

You can learn more about my adventures with Ruby on Rails here.

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