Weekend Trip Through NYC & DC – Manhattan (2/3)

This is Part 2 of my trip through NYC & DC. Click to read Part 1 and Part 3.

So after my brief excursion in Brooklyn, I ride to Penn Station via the MTA New York City Transit (which according to Wikipedia, hosts more passengers than every other subway system, like BART, in the US combined!)

I meet up with a bunch of high school buddies and we head to Stand4, a burger joint, and grab some absurdly unhealthy burgers. I try to eat as little meat as possible, but when I’ve flown 2,500 miles to see friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in years, I make exceptions.

We then proceed to walk downtown. It’s always fun to walk around New York because there are just tons of people everywhere. When people talk about New York, they talk about the energy of the city – and if you’re an extrovert like me, you’ll feel yourself getting powered up by the vibrancy of the place. Its packed with people who are going places.

We take some pictures around the Brooklyn Bridge. The walkway is pretty busy on the weekend and there are constant ringing sounds as people speed by on the left on bikes.

We rest up a bit at our hotel and then head out to dinner. We walk over to Natsumi for dinner and get some delicious sushi rolls. We consider doing sake bombs, but decide the place seems a little too nice. It’s really cool to think that our group of high school friends hax stayed in touch throughout college and now finally has the disposable income to go out and have a great time in Gotham City.

Afterward, we taxi over to 230 5th, a rooftop bar and lounge with the most boring name in the world. We are worried momentarily because with four guys and no girls (they were coming separately) and no plans to get bottle service, we find ourselves in an a rather poor negotiating position with the bouncer. Amazingly, it doesn’t matter. We make it upstairs and have a fantastic time drinking, dancing and taking in the glorious NYC skyline. The drinks are pricey as all hell, but it’s all worth it.

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