Weekend Trip Through NYC & DC – Brooklyn (1/3)

This is Part 1 of my trip through NYC & DC. Click to read Part 2 and Part 3.

I grew up in Boston and came out to the Bay Area for college, so even though I live and work out West, I still have a bunch of good friends out East, plus some college friends who got jobs out there as well. Since graduating, I’ve really come to value the importance of connecting with friends face-to-face, so I planned a quick weekend trip to NYC/DC to see them.

The itinerary was pretty brutal – Red-eye flight out of SFO at 11pm Friday, New York all day (and all night) Saturday, 8:30am bus to DC on Sunday, evening flight out of DC that landed at 11pm Pacific. You can see the whole trip through my Foursquare feed. (Click thumbs to view full itineraries)

Click to view full Saturday itineraryClick to view full Sunday itinerary

While I was at the Big Apple, I decided to do some work-related research and spend some time in Brooklyn – because we’ve been signing up a number of Brooklyn-based blogs to power their ad sales though isocket. It’s actually really interesting because even though the blogs aren’t getting that much traffic (sub 100k monthly visitors) they’re still getting some solid advertising interest on their own. We think that after they sign up with us, they’ll do even better.

Welcome to Brooklyn

I actually got to go to one venue, Crumbs, which was featured in a post on the Brooklyn Heights Blog. The guy who runs it is definitely pretty web & advertising savvy – I expect good things. I told ’em I heard about the cupcake place via BHB and got a delicious cupcake. I must have looked like Super-Tourist with all the picture taking I was doing, but you know what? That’s ok.

Crumbs in Brooklyn HeightsThey look amazing...Taking a big bite!

I definitely wish I had time to have checked out more places in Brooklyn like Park Slope (where a friend was moving to that day!), Bushwick and Dumbo, but that’ll have to wait for another trip out. Stay tuned for more NYC stuff in Part 2.

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  1. If there’s one neighborhood that’s indicative of the “new Brooklyn,” it’s Williamsburg. Come take a look! Because even if you’ve lived in Brooklyn for a thousand years, Williamsburg can seem like foreign terrain.

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