The Rejection Therapy Podcast – Episode 2 – tips and tricks for getting started

Episode 2 was out a little while ago – just got lazy about posting it. This one should be super valuable if you’ved decided you’re going to actually DO Rejection Therapy.


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Heads up:  I can't seem to access the podcast... either embedded or on itunes.


you should transcribe it and have the transcription/summary here...i usually don't listen to podcasts given that it requires X minutes out of my day, but would read a quick summary or read through the transcript (better able to control my time)

just a thought :)


Really enjoyed listening to this podcast!! The sound quality was great, but the ideas were even more appealing. I hope many folks will benefit from this Rejection Therapy. I did something randomly before but might want to try it in a more conscious manner. Thanks for sharing!

jasonshen moderator

Thank YOU @Bostonguy I grew up in Newton MA so I'm so happy to have some east coast love. You should totally give rejection therapy a shot! It's definitely changed my life in a great way. Thanks for leaving a note!

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