Good Reads, Quirks, and the Beauty of Ugliness – Rejection Therapy Podcast #4

Hey everyone, here’s our fourth podcast on rejection therapy. A couple things I’d love to say:

1) Battle your friends in rejections. This is a new variation of the game from Jason Comely that allow you to play RT with a partner in a fun, constructive and competitive way. Get a pack – or gift one!

2) Rejection in your pocket. It’s coming very soon – the Rejection Therapy iPhone app. Need an idea for a rejection? Just bust out your phone and you’ve got one at your fingertips. Find out first

3) Rejection on the radio. According to our stats, we now have over 160 subscribers and 1000+ listens/downloads. Thanks for listening and let us know what you’re looking for. If you get a chance, we’d love a review on iTunes.

The articles discussed in this podcast:

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Derek Scruggs
Derek Scruggs

Really enjoyed the podcast. One point about introverts vs. extroverts. As defined in the Myers Briggs personality test, extroverts get energized by social situations while introverts lose energy in social situations. I'm an introvert who's boderline extrover according to Myers Briggs. I find that large crowds and meeting lots of people tire me out. I do enjoy intimate conversations with 2-5 people, but more than that I and I start to feel the need to go out for air.

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