Why Did esurance Drop the Animated Girl for Programmers and Customer Reps?

Esurance, “Dedicated” from Duncan/Channon on Vimeo.

It looks like esurance is changing their marketing scheme. Above is a video from ad agency Ducan / Channon shows programmers (Techies) and customer reps (Feelies) battling to help the customer.

I guess they decided they needed to retire Erin, the attractive but a little silly mascot that saves ordinary citizens from the evil of high car insurance.

While this ad is fun, it also highlights a more serious point – that car insurance is about service in both technology and human interaction. Here’s what Ducan / Channon says is the main message of the ads:

The revamped identity system and new type-only Esurance logo is designed to deliver a singular message: that the company that pretty much invented online car insurance continues to innovate on behalf of busy consumers, relentlessly striving to make the process of buying or using its products more intuitive, more convenient, more transparent and – yes, Feelies – more friendly. It’s about smartness in the service of simplicity.

Car insurance advertising seems to be filled with mascots – we’ve got Geico and the gecko …and the caveman …and the dollar. Actually, the messaging is kind of mixed there. Then we’ve got Flo from Progressive and Dennis Haysbert for Allstate. It’s an interesting bunch of folks and we’ll have to see how esurance’s new approach works.

What do you think? Is the new messaging clear? Is it a strong one? Will we ever seen the lovely Erin again? Here’s the official press release.

esurance girl

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