Daniel Pink Webinar (3/3): 3 Steps to Improve Performance & Reader Questions

3 Things Pink is Doing to Improve His Performance

Stop Doing. You want to do so many things and you have to stop doing things as well. Tom Peters calls this “to-Don’t list” and Rumsfeld calls it “teeth to tail ratio”

Do It Yourself Performance Reviews. Every month set goals (learning, biz, personal) goals, and end of the month, call yourself into your own office and ask yourself if you are making progress towards your goals.

Ask Yourself Two Questions:

1) Was I better today than Yesterday? Change is slow and incremental. Sometimes answer is no. But it gets him motivated

2) What is my sentence? A great man is a sentence. Lincoln – “Preserved union freed slaves’ FDR ” lifted from great depression and helped us win a world war”.

Reader Questions

1) How do you get customers to pay on time in this economy? Two ideas: 1)Empathic plea: let them know this is how you pay yourself and your employees and 2) Social Proof: if possible, tell them everyone, or most people, are paying you on time.

2) How can Drive apply to sales and commissions? Not sure. Salespeople say commissions work kinda sorta. His idea: raise the base pay and spread out the bonuses across various metrics. Or turn salespeople in strategic members of the organization. Google Red Gate Software that has eliminated commissions and its boosted the bottom line.

3) Drive and education? Education system is too often carrots and sticks, but most teachers get the intrinsic motivation thing.

4) Structure of his day? He writes in the morning – the best part of his day. Turns off phone and email and writes. Usually gives himself a quota (usually 500 words). Writing is so much more like manual labor than intellectual. Shoveling dirt. Tries to exercise everyday. Either early bird or late night.

5) What are you grateful for? His wife – nice and good looking! Children – more awesome than he will be. Red Wine – it is delicious. Living in the US – freedom. Doing things he likes – and he gets to help people. His readers – for listening, buying, and not being afraid of the future.

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