Save the Constellation Program

Dear Mr. President,

I’ve learned that the in your proposed budget, you are planning to shut down NASA’s manned space flight program and use the funds to invest in commercial ventures designed to replace the Constellation Program. I’m a big fan of market based solutions – after all, I live in Silicon Valley  – but I don’t think this is the right move. We’ve lost a vision to rally behind as a nation, and ambitious goals for space exploration are what this country needs. Returning to the Moon or going to Mars are not the kind of ideas with 10x ROI that most venture capitalists are looking for.

I’m very excited about burgeoning space travel industry, but it’s still in its infancy. Instead of shutting down the Constellation Program, let’s give it a bold vision, lots of support and then hold it accountable for results. Space is something we still need to pursue as a nation – and don’t worry, the corporations will come soon enough.


Jason Shen

Thank You! | The White House

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