My bucket list: Skydive, Roadtrip, Public Speaking, Marriage+Kids, CEO of mid-size comp


There is nothing like flying through the air in total freefall. One of my best friends is an incredible gymnast and he said it was a huge rush.

US Roadtrip

I want to see more of America and I never got to do it before college or even right after.

Speak in front of 10,000 people.

I like public speaking and I want to get so good that I’m asked to speak in front of this many people. I like being in the spotlight.

Get married and have kids

Boringly normal, this still makes the top 5 for sure. I want to find my life partner and spawn offspring to continue my lineage.

Run an organization of over 5000 people

I like being in charge and 5000 people is a lot of people to be in charge of! It’s not so much about the revenues or the profits as it is the influence I would have in positively shaping these people’s lives.

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