The Biggest Dissappointment in My Life: Losing to Oklahoma, Again.

We just finished th 2008 NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Championships. It was held at home, Maples Pavilion, at Stanford University. We were the number one ranked team the entire year. And we lost.

The score was 363.2 – 362.75. We lost by 5 tenths of a point.

I have seen that picture of Oklahoma above Stanford on the screen so many times and I just couldn’t believe I was seeing it again. I thought this was it – a cap off to an incredibly challenging four years of gymnastics. We were supposed to finally win it, to a home crowd, our senior year.

But we didn’t.

Being the first person in the line up to compete on an event is an important job. The team is counting on the first guy to hit – doubly so if you are the first guy up on the first event. On DAY 1 of the competition I did my job and hit. But today I failed to do that. I fell on my second skill, garnering an 8 tenth deduction.

I did compete without fear, and I am proud of that.

A surprising large number of students showed up to the meet and we could definitely hear you cheering for us. It was absolutely incredible to have the whole crowd going for us – an experience I will never forget.

This day is by far the biggest dissappointment in my life, but yet I still feel blessed to have had an opportunity to be on this team, and to have recovered from my knee injury get back on the equipment.

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