Terrorists, whatever your big bosses are telling you, they’re wrong. You’re going to fail on every single count. Because you have not read enough history, or even enough religion. If you did, you could so easily have been the person you really want to be.

Indian blogger on the Mumbai attacks

Known Turf: The incomprehensible and the uncomprehending

Even though this isn’t actually Bruce Lee footage – his legend is so strong that you are ready/willing to believe it. (kind of like the Sarah Palin “africa is a country” stories, but that’s another story…)

Nokia N96 – Bruce Lee Ping Pong (via bjornstar)


Link: StateStats

Fun and interesting – if not exceptionally useful.

MetricCorrelation with godObesity0.84 (Positive, strong)InfantMortality0.63 (Positive, moderate)EnergyConsumption0.55 (Positive, moderate)VotedForBush0.52 (Positive, moderate)