Shoe Circus – Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates (via WindowsVideos)

These videos have garnered some controversy on youtube (One of most favorited, yet 2.5 stars) but I think it’s great. Microsoft is trying hard to break it’s “empire” image. They have a long way to go, but at least they are on the right track. -J

We often hear talk about how critical passion is to choosing a career, or building a new business or pursuing a big endeavor. Why?

Because being passionate means you really caring about what you are doing, you enjoy the process and you are willing to work and persist until you suceed.

New Kids on the Block, widely known as the “original boy band” was passionate about their work and persisted. And that’s what allowed them to succeed – selling over 70 milion albums worldwide.

Their self-titled debut album (released under Columbia Records in 1986) flopped – the first single was not popular. The group hustled for shows at bars, clubs and other unglamorous locations, trying to build publicity. Their second single did worse than the first. Perhaps the smart and wise choice would have been to quit then.

Instead, their producer pushed for a second album, and the team spent a year and a half in the studio. The singers wanted to change their bubble-gum pop sound and spent a lot of time on the production side of the album.

Imagine their dissappointment when their second album, “Hangin’ Tough” didn’t do well either. After all that time and energy, their first single was not getting played, and their record company was about to drop them.

But just before they did, a radio station in Florida started playing the song – and their listeners liked it! This lead to more promoting of the single by Columbia and the song “Please Don’t Go Girl” ended up reaching #10 on the charts.

Their second single did well, and their third reached #1 on the charts. Their album went on to go 8 times platinum and by 1990 they were giving 200 concerts a year.

What’s the moral of the story here? These guys really liked singing, stuck with it even through pretty rough times, and became an huge success. Three years after they had been singing at high school dances, their album “Hanin’ Tough” sold 16 million copies. New Kids on the Block pushed through The Dip, and so can you.

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