Overachievement : The New Science of Working Less to Accomplish More (Paperback)
by John Eliot

Synopsis: By entering into a “trusting mindset”, working smart, being seriously confident and chasing a big dream, you can achieve exceptional results.

Summary: Eliot says that most of the things you’ve been told about performance is wrong.  Things like get a handle on your stress, don’t keep all your eggs in one basket, minimizing risk, working hard, and learning from your mistakes.

Eliot says instead that peak performers use stress to enhance their performance, that they are totally commited, they know risks equal reward, they work smart and they never look back.

He makes an analogy to throwing keys.  When you toss a pair of keys to your friends, it is smooth, easy, and almost always accurate.  You are in the trusting mindset. But if there was a contest to win a million dollars with the best key toss, everyone who start overanalyzing their tosses, entering the training mindset.

Although you do need to train and evaluate yourself, you can’t be doing it when you are asked to step up and perform.