There are really no words to explain how jaw-dropping and difficult this parallel bar routine is. 10 years ago, I don’t think many people would have imagined that gymnastics would reach this level. Utterly amazing. – Jason

“I pledge to consider the social and environmental consequences of any job I take and try to improve these aspects for any orgs I work for.

From the 2008 National Student-Athlete Development Conference

Bio: Pat Williams is Senior Vice-President of the Orlando Magic, which he helped co-found in 1987. He traded for Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Penny Hardaway, and drafted Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal. In 1996, was named one of the 50 most influential people in NBA history.


Leadership is always about the future, always about change
“There’s got to be a better way”
Begin with the end in mind – 7 Habits
Walt Disney – #2 as greatest business leaders b/c his vision
1) Having a vision helps to stay focused – less wandering
Need a telescope and microscope as a leader
2) Keep you fueled, passionate, excited
3) Helps you finish – gets you to the end line
leadership is all about finishing
“Leadership is always about results” – Peter Drucker

Communicating the Vision

1) Communicate Optimism
“Optimism is a choice – a powerful one” – Ronald Reagan
“Suppose I said to you, things are bad and they are going to get worse, really terrible. Now follow me!” – Rudy Guiliani
“Perpetual Optimism is a force multiplier” – Colin Powell
2) Hope – people can’t live without hope
3) Inspiration and Motivation
We’re never out of this business
4) Communicating Verbally
Need to talk to other people about the vision
Need to get over the fear of speaking publicly

America’s earliest leaders had a vision and communicated this vision.
Recalled several famous speeches – Gettysburg Address, JFK, King,
Asked us to stand up 2x and switch seats once – great technique

People Skills

Great leaders love people
“You’ve got to coach every guy like he’s going to marry your daughter” Eddie Robinson
He wrote a book on “How to be like Coach Wooden.”
A certain coach would know everything about his players even know
1) Be visible and available to people
As you head to the top, you can get isolated and cut off
“Managing Before Walking Around” – Tom Peters
George Washington never left his troops
After Civil War Lincoln would consult with his Generals after usually bad battles
2) Listening
“Listening leaders are rare. We’ve got a lot of talking leaders, but a listening leader will never be forgotten”
Listen and silent make up the same words
“The secret of success is to get into the stores and listen”
3) Empowering
His generation does not do a good job of this
“Who needs encouragement? Anyone who’s breathing, that’s who.” – President of Chick-fil-A
“Head Cheerleader” – Head coach of Orlando Magic —> “You’re doing a great job and we couldn’t do it without you”

Character Counts

“Leadership consists of two things – strategy and character”
“You can have leadership without character
“Reputation is what other people think you are. Character is what you really are when no one’s watching” – Coach Wooden
1) Honesty – telling truth no matter what you are
Honest Abe – “The chief strength of my character is that I am firm in my resolve”
No skeletons in George Washington’s closet
2) Integrity – was the number one looked up word on the Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Integer – one —> Integrated
Consistency in their life – the walk and the talk match
3) Humility
Great leaders have humility
Great leaders get good stuff – and that good stuff ruins more leaders than anything else
“In Daddy’s mind, he’s still just a farm boy from North Carolina” – Billy Graham’s daughter


“coaching your kids to be leaders” – another book he’s written
85% said leadership is born not made
1) Problem Solving
“Leadership is about solving problems. When people no longer bring you their problems, you are no longer leading” – Colin Powell
2) You’ve got to build a team
Your ability to put a team together is critical
“Team of Rivals” – Lincoln’s rivals who were all beaten and then put in the Cabinet
3) Teaching
No matter what filed you go into, you are a teacher
“They call it coaching, but it’s really teaching” –  Vince Lombardi
You cannot commit to be a life-long teacher unless you commit to be a life-long leader
Make plans to get a Masters – it’s too competitive to not have it on your resume
“Not all readers will be leaders, but all leaders must be readers” – President Truman
You need to exercise your brain as muscle as well
No gym equipment for it – but the best thing is a book
85% of the books purchased are by women


At the end of the day, leaders have to make decisions
if you are looking for a cushy life, don’t be a leader
Two pieces of advice  – one was “Be Bold”
“Be the Boss” – advice to his son
You get crack to be the leader – one chance to be president/coach/CEO
years down road, you don’t want say “I tiptoed around the edges”
At the end of the day, if you’ve got all the stuff – age is not an issue”

A Serving Heart

To be a leader of the ages, to be a leader that’s never forgotten, you need to serve
As a leader, you are there to serve
Jesus, Mandela, Mother Teresa, Jimmy Carter
Right after getting shot, Robert Kennedy asked his wife – “Is everyone alright?”

Vince Lombardi – every thursday – the coach would give a motivational speech
then he would bark at them and bark “Who’s gonna lead today?’