ONE OF THE LEAST EXAMINED but most important trends taking place in the United States today is the broad decline in the status and treatment of American workers — white-collar and blue-collar workers, middle-class and low-end workers

 I sent an email to one of my more conservative friends – saying that life in the midd/lower class is incredibly hard and that was why calling for “personal responsibility” is not enough … yet. – Jason

Worked Over and Overworked – New York Times

Britney’s new music video – with the sound effects imagination of William Sikora of B Entertainment/BTV. Whatever you think of the song (I’ll posted it above and I think it’s pretty catchy) you can’t deny the music video is pretty compelling. You know manga is mainstream when it’s Britney’s video. -Jason

Sharpening Your Skills dives into the HBS Working Knowledge archives to bring together articles on ways to improve your business skills.

Questions to be answered:

  • Should I keep control of my company?
  • How do I turn potential into profit?
  • How can a resource-challenged start-up grow?

A list of essays with advice, some that is oft-repeated (CEOs are either in control or rich but not both). Still worth reading – Jason

Link: Harvard’s Kit for Sharpening Your Startup Skills