Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen tells those of us who seek inspiration and seek to inspire to never quit doing so. He’s right. Because Obama can speak well does not mean he is just a presidential equivalent of a used-car salesman.

I am always looking for new sources of inspiration and finding new ways to inspire others to reach their higher self. Thanks for keeping me on track. Because inspiration matters.

“In Sum
(1) Never apologize for your enthusiasm, passion, or vision.
(2) Never apologize for being inspired by another human being.
(3) Seek out inspiration (don’t wait for it).
(4) Inspire others by sharing your talents and time.
(5) And no matter what: Don’t let the bozos grind you down, ever.

I found this website when studying the case method that HBS employs. It offered a rebuttal to the effectiveness of case studies, and I also found this little gem. It’s a bit longer than necessary, but still good. -Jason

Strategic Creative Analysis (SCAN) is a process for strategic planning, decision making and analyzing case studies. SCAN is also useful for marketing planning and personal career planning

  1. Find and List Actual Objectives
  2. Rank the Objectives and Strategies
  3. Select an Objective, usually the Top Rank Objective
  4. Discover Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for this Objective
  5. Decide if Objective is Attainable based on SWOT
  6. Derive Strategies from the SWOTs (10 Min)
  7. Develop Action Programs
  8. Evaluate Programs and Select the Best Ones
  9. Monitoring Implementation”