Stanford Gymnastics beat Cal this weekend at home.

It was my first home gym meet and my second competition since I dislocated my knee over a year ago. The doctors told my friends not to make a big deal about coming back, because it might not happen. I was sure as hell not going to end my career on one unlucky vault.

I did my routines well the first meet, but our team lost to Cal. I did poorly on my routines tonight, but we beat Cal. I felt way better today than last week. Funny how that works.

It turns out that winning as part of team is way better than winning as an individual. Because when you win as an individual, everyone just resents you. But when you win as a team, everyone around you is as happy as you are.

I think most people undervalue how much of an asset it is to have people like you and think well of you.

First off, it’s nice to have friends who will do fun things with you and help you with less than fun things occasionaly (provide you reciprocate).

Secondly, people who are well liked generally do better in their professional lives as well. No one wants to work with an asshole. 

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