My First Knee Surgery

Well, I have just come back from the hospital today after my orthoscopic knee surgery. For those of you who don’t know, I dislocated my knee on January 19th, 2007 on vault in a gymnastics competition against Berkely, at Hass Pavillion. I tore all 4 crucial ligaments in my knee and this surgery was done to fix the outer two – the MCL and LCL. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten surgery and I’d have to say its not a lot of fun. I’ll outline the thing in chronological order

5:40 am – My coach Levon calls me to wish me good luck on the surgery.
6:30 am – My alarm goes off
6:57 am – Chris Harper wakes me up with a phone call – I had fallen back asleep. I scramble out of bed and he drives me to the hospital.
7:20 am – I check in and wash myself with the special soap I was supposed to use in the shower this morning.
8:00 am – I get into the inside room, get on a bed and change into their ugly blue gown with stars – the least manly thing ever and watch some TV.
8:40 am – Edgar, our athletic trainer comes in and we talk. He’s got scrubs on because he’ll be observing the surgery. I’m told that the operation before me is taking a long time, so my surgery is getting pushed back.
9:20 am – I talk with the anesthesiologists – I ask them what they think about the statistic of 1 in 10 anesthesiologists having a drug addiction. The first guy was kinda put off, but the second, older one took my question seriously. He said that first off, he thought the number was a little high. He also sai that most of the addicitions were alcohol rather than actual narcotics. However, he did say that it happens more than anyone would like to admit, and that it has even happened at the Stanford Hospitals and people have died from maltreatment.
9:30 am –
Then the younger guy tried to insert my IV but only managed to stab me a whole bunch of times in the forearm. Fimally he does it through my hand. Maybe he has a drug addiction.
9:45 am – They wheel my bed into the operating room – it looks just like it does in the movies – doctors in scrubs and surgical masks. Someone tells me to take a deep breath of something and I vaguely remember trying to count to five before I pass out.

2:00 pm – I wake up in the recovery room. A nurse tells me the surgery went fine but that “they did more than originally planned so you’re staying the night here”. It turns out I didn’t partically tear my LCL, I completely tore it off the bone. So they had to stick it back on and that took a while
4:00 pm – Dylan, Donnie and Olivia come visit me, I eat food, talk to them about the surgery and try to figure out what happened. Apparently I spoke with my surgeon, Dr. Dragoo right after I woke up, but the anesthesia made me forget the encounter.
11:00 pm – Spend the night watching TV, eating dinner (Pacific salmon), drawing pictures and reading gossip magazines. Leg hurts a few time, some Vicoden and later morphine do the trick.
11:00 am – Finally get out of the hospital, after waking up early from leg pain and watching a  lot of ESPN Sports Center.

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  1. What about ‘9:30 pm Have a wholesome conversation with Nasty, barring cell phone issues’?

    Glad to hear you’re doing well enough to post to your blog. :)

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