Glory – a poem


This is a poem acheiving and experiencing glory in one’s life. I think it is something that many people (especially men) aspire to achieve in their lives and many do – to varying degrees. It came to after listening to the theme from ConAir – a decent action movie where Nicolas Cage actually looks pretty bad-ass. It also comes from my excitement about the quickly-approaching NCAA mens gymnastics championships – and my inability to compete at them. And finally, yes I watched the Spartans fight the Persians in 300 – the greatest man-movie of all time in my opinion.

Andrew Jackson Statue


a tall walk of long strides
his gaze dead ahead
triumph coursing through veins
this day is his, forever

knowing that from nothing
with just his iron will, he forged
something great
something worth remembering

he walks a lonely path
worth the while
to stand alone in the sun
one moment of light

most can’t choke the bitter gruel
of blood and sweat
they don’t deserve to taste
sweet, sweet glory

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