My First Game Changing Deal…..

Read a great post on how a salesman turned around a client who HATED his company into the deal that changed his life. (He wrote 2 handwritten notes a week for 3 months, then worked 24 hrs straight to deliver when she gave him a job). But you got to read it for yourself.

Here is what he learned.

  • Stay commited.
  • Focus on Changing the Game.
  • Be Sincere.
  • Be Different.
  • Risk being laughed at.
  • Risk FAILURE every day.
  • Write handwritten notes.
  • And, most of all positive karma — or leave what you are doing.
  • Develop Entreprenurial Improvisation.
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Jason Shen

Jason is a tech entrepreneur and advocate for Asian American men. He's written extensively and spoken all over the world about how individuals and organizations develop their competitive advantage. Follow him at @jasonshen.

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