Had Thanksgiving at our assistant coaches house and played with his baby and Nintendo Wii. The fact that you can create Mii’s that look like your friends and then play as them in various game really makes the experience a lot more engaging and fun. I don’t really care to watch Mario weep or Luigi do a victory dance. But I sure as hell love to see my friend cry and see myself celebrate on screen.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what I should be doing for the next few years of my life. What is going to best set me up for making a big positive influence on humanity? And what will I enjoy doing?

The party line from Asian culture is “suffer first, enjoy later”. While I agree that there is something valuable to be gained from doing unpleasant things in order to acheive something great, I am also convinced that doing something that consistently and intensely frustrates and burdens you is going to have a negative impact on your creative and spiritual development.

Paul Graham has some suggestions about what I should do. I always find good things when I re-read his work.

“If I could go back and redo my twenties, that would be one thing I’d do more of: just try hacking things together. Like many people that age, I spent a lot of time worrying about what I should do. I also spent some time trying to build stuff. I should have spent less time worrying and more time building. If you’re not sure what to do, make something.”