The French don’t traditionally wolf down a meal at their desk or while commuting in traffic,” she said. “They sit down with family or colleagues at a table, taking the time to relax and share conversation. When you are talking, you are not eating, and because you are relaxed, the hormones released help in the assimilation of calories, unlike the stress hormones we are riddled with here, which trigger hoarding of fat. In other words, eat 800 calories while sitting at a café in Paris, and they will get spent. Eat 800 calories while sitting in your car in traffic on the freeway, and most of them will settle in your hips or gut.

The Santa Barbara Independent Eating French

Read a great post on how a salesman turned around a client who HATED his company into the deal that changed his life. (He wrote 2 handwritten notes a week for 3 months, then worked 24 hrs straight to deliver when she gave him a job). But you got to read it for yourself.

Here is what he learned.

  • Stay commited.
  • Focus on Changing the Game.
  • Be Sincere.
  • Be Different.
  • Risk being laughed at.
  • Risk FAILURE every day.
  • Write handwritten notes.
  • And, most of all positive karma — or leave what you are doing.
  • Develop Entreprenurial Improvisation.

One of the best ways to start a talk/presentation/speech is with a story, preferably one from your own life. This story must be:


If you can do this, you’re off to a good start.