15 Quick Ways to Give Value and Make a Positive Impression

Link: 15 Quick Ways to Give Value and Make a Positive Impression

1. Forward relevant articles.

2. Mention the person in a blog post or article you are writing. 

3. Give them a marketing tip they can use for their business. 

4. Write a helpful article for a publication or blog. 

5. Introduce them to a prospective alliance partner. 

6. Give them a relevant book.

7. Forward them a useful template. 

8. Recommend directories where they can promote their business online. 

9. Give them a testimonial.

10. Sponsor or volunteer for their organization or group. 

11. Give them promotional products. 

12. Answer their questions on LinkedIn or Yahoo Answers

13. Forward their article to a colleague or client (and let them know). 

14. Invite them to a relevant business event (just invite or pay for them). 

15. Buy their product or help make a sale. 

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