Link: Ready, set develop: How to create a six hour startup

Creativity on speed. This is what I’m talking about.

“Dorsey — who enlisted the help of about a dozen acquaintances from entrepreneurial groups in town — nearly made his target. About seven hours after the group gathered in the living room of his Phinney Ridge home on the morning of October 6, Tagmindr — an online bookmark reminder service — was born.”

The team would have to be intelligent and tireless. They would need to be skilled in their functional areas and not necessarily highly experienced. Moreover, they would need to be flexible and capable of learning quickly. Each of information about the market and the competition will be streaming in after they launched. They would have to be course correct on the fly. Refine the strategy may be radically. This team would have to be comfortable with uncertainty and change.

The Monk and the Riddle : The Education of a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur: by Randy Komisar