Link: Search Engines: Find MP3s with SkreemR

Music search engine SkreemR turns up a nice selection of MP3 files from all over the web whether you’re looking for Mozart or Justin Timberlake. Pop in your favorite artist, song or album and get back links to MP3s (no other audio file format.) A few search operators to know:

  • Use double quotes to pinpoint a set of words, ex. “my favorite song”
  • Use + operator to pinpoint particular words, ex. my favorite song +extended +remix
  • Use – operator to eliminate unwanted results, ex. my favorite song -live

Grab the Firefox SkreemR search plugin and see some of the top searches. As always, download copyrighted material at your own risk, yadda-yadda, blah-blah.

Link: 15 Quick Ways to Give Value and Make a Positive Impression

1. Forward relevant articles.

2. Mention the person in a blog post or article you are writing. 

3. Give them a marketing tip they can use for their business. 

4. Write a helpful article for a publication or blog. 

5. Introduce them to a prospective alliance partner. 

6. Give them a relevant book.

7. Forward them a useful template. 

8. Recommend directories where they can promote their business online. 

9. Give them a testimonial.

10. Sponsor or volunteer for their organization or group. 

11. Give them promotional products. 

12. Answer their questions on LinkedIn or Yahoo Answers

13. Forward their article to a colleague or client (and let them know). 

14. Invite them to a relevant business event (just invite or pay for them). 

15. Buy their product or help make a sale.