I hate how people make all kinds of metaphors for life. Just to prove how bunk they are, I’m usin a random word generator to make 10 metaphors for life on the spot. Tell me they don’t make sense somehow =)

Life is like …  

  1.  Accents – everyone has one and they are all a little different – making it harder to understand some people more than others
  2. A guarantee – you can find it with anyone, but it doesn’t mean much except for a select few who truy honor it.
  3. A disaster – (nothing more needs to be said)
  4. An infection – it grows on you
  5. A chair – you have one purpose – to have people sitting on you
  6. A butt – it can be rough and dirty, or soft and beautiful
  7. A bigot – it can tolerable most of the time, but just utterly offensive and terrible at other times
  8. A flame – it starts of small but can grow into somethng bright and warm, and eventually flickers away
  9. Jumping – it takes a lot of work to go far or high
  10. Baking – you put it something soft and gooey, wait, and eventually you get something firm and wonderful.