What I have Done All Summer

I often feel like my time passes quickly, especially when I am invovled a number of projects, and yet I am unable to account for the time spent. So I’m trying to make a list of things I have done or invovled myself in to help me remember.

  1. Made a new friend: Rohini
  2. Reinforced existing friendships: Supriya, Spencer, Ellora
  3. Worked in a new profession: Telemarketing or “student liason” at The Stanford Fund
  4. Organized and analyzed data for limb assymmetry for the Steinberg Lab
  5. Started a blog
  6. Read a bunch of books:
    Stumbling onto Happiness
    The Power of Now
    Undercover Economist
    Changing MInds
    Discover Your Genius
    Harry Potter 5
    The Art of Motorcycle Maintence
    The Game
  7. I watched two documentaries
    An Inconvienient Truth
    Who Killed the Electric Car?
  8. I watched two movies:
    Superman Returns
    Pirates of the Carribean 2
  9. I watched two romantic movies:
    Before Sunrise
    Before Sunset
  10. I coached for JD’s gymnastics camp
  11. I got a thumb ring and a fake leather bracelet
  12. I studied more techniques behind The Game
  13. I helped Steph and Rohini whistle a little better
  14. I had to reorganize my computer because my hard drive crashed
  15. I got the book nearly finished
  16. I completed a GRE Biology practice exam (I’ll need to study before the test)
  17. I am trying the Shangri-la Diet
  18. I took a number of photographs – and experimented with High Dynamic Range photography
  19. I visited San Francisco a number of times
  20. I spoke with Carrie Arnel about using economics and pyschology to study motivations of Climate Change behavior
  21. I got a list of Thom’s quotes in order to make a shirt
  22. I bought some cool clothes at Old Navy
  23. I cooked Chinese food for Nate, Alex, Sunny, and Bryant
  24. I celebrated 1.5 years with Steph at Henry’s Steakhouse
  25. We finished the photo album project
  26. I organized this Identity building blog series

Well, that’s all I can think of right now, I’ll add to the list later.

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