Seed Science Writing Contest – Outline

What is the future of science in America? What should the US do to preserve and build upon its role as a leader in scientific innovation?

What we need to do is to get people more involved with science. They need to understand its importance to their everyday lives, but more importantly, respect and ASPIRE TO BE the men and women who work in the fields of science and technology.

How can we do this?

Public Awareness Campaigns – I want science to be like serving in the military. However you think of the war on Iraq, we must respec the soldiers who have chosen to serve this country. Likewise, I want our youth to see science is something noble, something that makes this country great, and something they can be a part of.

Expanded programs for getting into science – I think a lot of people might have wanted to become scientists or engineers when they were younger, but then their life moved in another direction. We need to make it easier for people to become scientists and engineers. We need to showcase people who have already done it. We need to create programs and jobs for these “late bloomers”

Getting Scientists into Politics – Only a handful of Congressional members hold degrees in hard sciences. We need to encourage scientists to get into politics because that is the only way science will be taken seriously in the government. In this highly scientific age, we have few law makers and decision makers in the government who understand the issues and what is at stake.

The Takeaway – We need to make science a calling, make it easier for older people to participate, and get scientists into government.

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