Finding Yourself – Day 6

Now that we’ve got your Purpose down in writing, put it away for a while.  I wouldn’t call it your ultimate calling just yet.  But just like writing a paper or a speech, it’s easier to edit once you’ve got something down.

There is only one thing I want you to do today, and that is read an essay by a well known American writer.  His name is Ralph Waldo Emerson.  You probably have heard of him.  Well, he wrote a great essay called Self Reliance that should be mandatory reading for every American.  (And international readers, I think this essay is just as important for you as well)  Emerson talks about being true to yourself, and tells you why honesty is essential to life a real life.

I’ve got a link of Self Reliance translated by Adam Khan into modern English.  Emerson wrote many years ago and the words he uses are often not commonly used today.  It makes the writing a little harder to get into.  But the modern English version solves the problem.  It’s great.  Read it, savor it, and think about it. 

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